Commune golf - gant de golf et casquette de golf portés par le fondateur de Commune golf - manifeste pour une approche décomplexée du golf

An unhibited approach to golf

Commune Golf aims to break stereotypes and federate a varied and inclusive community around this game. All being motivated by the pleasure of sharing moments together and forging our own path. To share an inspired and inspiring lifestyle.

We offer a range of quality apparel & headwear around golf culture, which can be worn on and off the course. Our motto: sustainable and responsible quality, plus style.

 Casquette golf par Commune golf - le style sur le parcours et en dehors

Apparel and Headwear to be worn on and off the course

Our approach aims to be lifestyle-oriented rather than performance-oriented. This is reflected in the design of our products, as well as in the selected fabrics (premium organic cotton rather than technical materials for example). We offer an immersion in the world of golf that goes well beyond the scorecard: meeting up with friends, being outdoor and enjoying nature, sharing good times.

And because every golfer isn't just about the round that just ended, we want to extend the experience off the course. This results in the fact of offering caps, t-shirts and polo shirts that can be worn outside the course without looking like a clown or a billboard!

Our universe is focused on the fun and convivial character that we want to bring to the practice of golf, in order to shatter the clichés about a so-called old man's sport!

With Commune Golf, we want to embody and generate a feeling of belonging to a community of golfers of a new kind: uninhibited, stylish and open-minded.

 Casquette golf par Commune golf, portée par un golfeur souriant et tatoué

Strong commitments for style with sustainability

Commune Golf is a project based on solid and strong commitments:

Local production (Portugal, France) when possible, in workshops recognized for their know-how and for their compliance with social regulations.

Eco-responsibility: organic and certified fabrics (GOTS, Oeko-Tex), recycled or reusable packaging (without plastic), controlled quantities and the fight against overproduction thanks to just-in-time manufacturing.

A digitalized and integrated business model, to reduce intermediaries and offer the best products directly to our customers.

Strong style and aesthetics, in order to create a link between streetwear and the world of golf, and allow everyone to assert their personality through what they wear.

Commune Golf is a Streetwear, Headwear & Apparel label, with deep roots into a golf culture that we try to redefine.